LiTTLE RAMONAS is a women-owned business that brings together three personalities and lifestyles into one. Located in Bogota, LA and DC; Mariana, Camila and Paula create a space where three cities bring inspiration and timeless styles for all kinds of daily adventures.

Their work is the culmination of years developing their craft. With degrees on Fine Arts in Miami, Fashion Merchandising in New York, Fashion Design in Bogota and Artistic Direction in LA; LiTTLE RAMONAS share their love of custom-made, limited-edition, one of a kind and consciously-driven vintage and basic pieces that provide comfort and a 4x4 lifestyle that stays fashionably constructed and cares about the environment.

The brand's mission is to stay put to the timelessness essence of prêt-à-porter (Star Basics in Bogota) while adding twists of couture and wearable art to the online store (DC).

Check out LR's Enviornmentality and R_Condition pages for more information on their eco-friendly initiatives. 

The online store’s multigenerational pieces focus on the easy and poetic wear of pre-calculated formulas such as tested constructions and textiles with meticulous hand-painted and sewn-in details that carry that RAMONA touch in them. They sell what they would "wear to [their] favorite show on [their] favorite day of the week."

Creating collections from scratch, LiTTLE RAMONAS' Star Basics (prêt-à-porter line) is made with love in Bogota, Colombia! Fairly sourced materials create high-quality basics that focus on fit, versatility and details such as stitching and embellishments. Mixing and matching from perennials such as jeans, chrome-free leather jackets (also available for custom-made tailoring), summer dresses, knitwear essentials, T's and swimwear come easy when you are looking to transcend from day to night in a comfortable and classical way.