Inspiration: Jamaica

“In Jamaica we don’t relax, we Chillax” is the Jamaican motto as told by our guide, Saskia.

The first thing that struck me was the local colloquialism of French, Spanish, and African languages into one wonderful Caribbean dialect.

The unique Caribbean accents take your breath away, while you take in the gorgeous landscapes, tropical breezes and colorful fashions.

Jamaica is the island responsible for the creation of music genres we all listen to while relaxing with friends and sipping Red Stripes. Important genres such as ska (a combination of Caribbean Mento, jazz and R&B) gave birth to infamous reggae music as well as rock-steady & two-tone (which are danced similar to Uma Thurman and John Travolta’s Pulp Fiction diner scene).

The island was discovered by Columbus and his crew during the late 13th Century. The island has preserved some classical European traditions such as Roman-Catholic inspired churches.

Jamaica's mesmerizing tropical hues are seen throughout its never ending ocean and flora. The crystalline waters of the beaches make this island an inspirational palette worth remembering.

Photography, Paula Beltran
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